Where have all the funny stories gone?

I used to love sharing the occasional nugget of silliness on this blog.  Those daft stories about dumb criminals, bizarre crimes, or the foibles of human nature, which I found scattered around on the internet and various newspapers, enjoyed reading, and wanted to pass on.

But it’s been a while since I’ve been able to do that, because those light-hearted stories have disappeared.  Nobody is running with them any more.  The BBC used to be a good source, as did local newspapers, social media, and specialist ‘funnies’ like the Huff Post.

Lately, though, the content of all those providers has changed, and become Far More Serious.  To the point where everything is dominated by politics, misery and war.  Fair enough, there are some terrible things happening around the world at the moment, and huge changes to come for both the UK and America, and those things should be reported on.  But bad things have always happened, and in the past there’s always been space for a little light relief.

I’m not sure who’s responsible.  Is it the providers choosing to pick only the weightiest news stories now?  Do they think running with humour at a time of international crisis would be seen as bad taste?  Or is it the news feeds who supply them who’ve stopped providing anything else?  I don’t know.  But as a longtime fan of the daft, the weird and the downright mad, I have one plea this Christmas:

Please can we have our funny stories back?


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