Dumb… and dumber!

It looks like the BBC were listening to my plea for more weird stories.  Well, maybe not!  But weird stories have suddenly started appearing again, just in time for the festive season.

I use the word weird because neither of these stories is particularly ‘funny’, especially for the people concerned.  But I still found aspects of both fascinating, if only for the dumbness displayed!

First, a dumb criminal, who killed her own sister (with a cooking pot) and went to a lot of trouble to make it look like suicide, only to leave behind parts of the weapon still showing traces of her sister’s blood, and the knife she’d used, post-mortem, to cut her sister’s wrists.

And secondly, a case of alarming inattentiveness seemingly spreading to the police themselves.  When a local ‘Mr Big’ was found dead in his own back garden, Essex police said he’d died of natural causes.  In actual fact, he’d been shot six times.  The excuse the police gave for missing this startling fact was that the victim had previously had keyhole surgery to his chest.  I’m no expert but I’d still think six bullet holes looked pretty different from one small scar – and I’d certainly hope that if anyone ever put six bullets through me, the police might actually notice the fact…

2 thoughts on “Dumb… and dumber!

  1. Really? Bullet holes were explained as keyhole surgery?! Yikes! You’re right, Tess, that these aren’t funny in the ‘comic’ sense. But they’re weird, and they do show, shall we say, lack of attentiveness….

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