Interrogating Tess…

The lovely Kerry Parsons has grilled me on a wide range of subjects, both writing-related and more general, at her book blog Chat About Books today.

Her questions were so challenging she had me sucking the end of my pen trying to answer them!

So, to find out which author and I’d to meet and what I’d ask them, or who I’d invite for coffee and where, or what I’m working on at the moment – plus  heaps more – head over to Kerry’s blog now.

And don’t forget to have a poke round while you’re there as she’s interviewed lots of other authors too.

One thought on “Interrogating Tess…

  1. I’m so glad that I’m not the only author to use (occasionally) dreams as inspiration, or the only one to have started writing at age 5. I also got hooked on classic detective stories as a teenager – I now find Christie too formulaic with rather stereotyped characters but still like Sayers and Marsh. I also fell (hard) for sci fi (Wyndham), Regency romance (Heyer) and Fantasy (C.S. Lewis) all of which have probably influenced me as an author. Nowadays, of course, my ‘favourites’ list would be different, but I still give Tolkien top billing. His world-building is quite incredibly good and all we can do is sigh and attempt to emulate him, whatever genres we write in!

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