Why do I write crime?

Just why15020912313713_l does a nice girl (ahem) like me write dark, gritty crime and noir?  It’s a question I often ask myself – and it’s a question I was recently asked by Simona, of Simona’s Corner of Dreams book blog.

I thought about the answers quite carefully and realised it dates back not just to when I started writing, but all the way to my childhood – the flames stoked by crime novels and series on TV.

You can read about those early influences, and a whole lot more besides, at Simona’s blog today.  I hope you enjoy it, and that it stirs a few memories for others as well.

Oh – and mea culpa.  I accidentally said ‘Cuthbert’s Law’ when I obviously meant ‘Sutherland’s Law’.  This was a series set in Scotland, featuring the work of a Procurator Fiscal, and starring the late, lamented Iain Cuthbertson.  Hence my stupid slip…

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