Bang to Rights

footballsIt’s all happening at the moment. Yesterday a new interview, today a brand new story – and it’s in a brand new magazine!

Paul D Brazill has set up Punk Noir partly to help fill the gap left by the demise of the brilliant and much-missed Pulp Metal Magazine, and he’s busy stuffing it with news, reviews, articles and fiction, all on the theme of noir. And I’m lucky enough to have a story up there in the first few days.

‘Bang to Rights’ is a taut little tale about an ex-soldier down on her luck, who’s helping out some young animal liberationists in her spare time – and regretting it. When the inappropriately-named Merry pours scorn on her for not being ‘one of us’, Jacks decides to get revenge. But it may not be in the way you expect…

You can read the story here – and don’t forget to take the time for a good poke round the magazine. There’s already some terrific stuff available there.

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