A tasty treat?

skinbonesHere’s something to get your teeth into: the brand new cannibal-themed anthology, Skin & Bones, is out from Down & Out Books today.

Featuring a whopping twenty-one macabre and grisly stories including my own offering ‘Rabbit Stew’, it might give you a few ideas for Christmas. That’s presents, by the way, not new and imaginative ways to serve up your least favourite relative!

The book also features a variety of noir stalwarts including the editor Dana Kabel, Marietta Miles, Patricia Abbott, Angel Luis Colon, Joe Clifford, Thomas Pluck, Richie Narvaez, Lawrence Block, and the late Bill Crider. Clearly all people of excellent, er, taste.

So if you fancy a late-night snack then grab a knife and fork and head over to Amazon to buy a copy now.


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