Less interview, more interrogation!

interrogation-room-tess-makoveskyI’ve been interrogated! But don’t worry, there wasn’t a roll of gaffer tape or a pair of rusty pliers in sight – it was just fellow crime writer Tom Leins asking me some good hard searching questions about my books, my writing and pretty much everything else besides over at his blog The Interrogation Room.

Tom grilled me on all kinds of topics including how I’d pitch ‘Gravy Train’, what I hope readers will take away from the book, which other Birmingham crime writers I can recommend, and which other current crime writers I ‘grew up’ with. Head over to Tom’s blog to read my replies – or just to pick over my poor dead carcase. Just mind you don’t trip over the trailing flex from the cattle prod on your way in…

While you’re at it, you might like to check out the first review for ‘Gravy Train’, courtesy of another crime writer, Jason Beech, over at Goodreads. I realise the book isn’t even out yet but this isn’t cheating – Jason was one of the readers I sent advance copies out to – and he loved the book so much he couldn’t wait to post the review! Do pop along and have a quick look…

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