Return of the dumb criminals

bankvaultThis time it’s the turn of this pair of would-be robbers, who broke into what they thought was a bank vault. Trouble is, it turned out to be a fake vault used by a company who specialise in staging… fake bank robberies.

The robbers got away with £1,000 – a relatively small sum made even more worthless by the fact that they left an expensive camera behind. To add to their woes, they also left an empty drinks can daubed with their DNA… and they managed to get themselves filmed on CCTV, one wearing a mask on top of his head but with his face clearly visible.

Neither the police nor the company involved know whether the robbers ever ‘twigged’ that this was a set-up, or that they’d fallen for it. The joke is definitely on them… but there is a more serious question behind all the sniggering. The article describes the fake vault as a “panic room”. I don’t know how accurate that is, but if it’s true then it raises doubts about the security of panic rooms in general because the robbers seem to have broken into it with relative ease. Not a happy thought for anyone who’s installed one because they’re worried about their own safety…


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