Wot no Crime and Publishment?

Sadly, it’s true. It looks very much as though I won’t be attending the annual Crime and Publishment event in Gretna next year, for the first time since I started going five years ago. And it’s entirely my fault. I logged out of Facebook for a few days and missed organiser Graham Smith’s update that there were only three places left. By the time I logged back in again the inevitable had happened – those three places had been booked up.

I live too far from the venue to commute each day, so will have to content myself with reading about the whole thing from those lucky enough to go along. I’ll really miss it. It’s been a fixture for the last few years and one I can’t recommend strongly enough. Not just for the speakers and sessions, excellent though those are, but for the sense of belonging: the chance to mix with like-minded people, to network, to make friends and pick up tips and new ideas.

You could say, anyway, that I’ve had my “turn” and it’s time to let someone else have a go. So whoever got my slot, I really hope you enjoy it and make the most of it – and watch out, because I may well be back in 2021 to fight you for the privilege!

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