A Crime in My Stockings #6: Margot Kinberg

downfallThe next contributor to my little Christmas quiz is queen of crime Margot Kinberg. Not of committing it, I hasten to add, but of reading, reviewing, writing and just generally knowing about crime fiction. You can find Margot’s latest book, ‘Downfall’, on Kindle here. And here’s the book she picked:

“There are so many good crime novels out there that it’s very hard to choose just one. But, let’s not get greedy; any crime fiction fan knows where greed tends to lead… If I could have just one crime novel this holiday season, I think I would choose J.M. Green’s Good Money.

There are a few reasons I’d want that one in particular. One is that it features an interesting protagonist. Stella Hardy is a middle-aged social worker – one of ‘the rest of us.’ She has her own past, but that doesn’t stop her wanting justice when one of her clients is murdered. Her character has some depth, and I like that in a protagonist. Another reason is the setting. The story takes place in Melbourne, which I’ve always wanted to visit (I will get there someday), and where a lot of other great crime novels take place. The final reason I want to read this is that it was recommended to me by a friend who’s since passed. She never steered me wrong, and I only wish I’d read this while she was alive, so we could talk about it. I’d like to remember her by reading it now.

So there you have it: my ‘wish list’ novel. Thanks again for including me in this very special feature!

5 thoughts on “A Crime in My Stockings #6: Margot Kinberg

  1. Reblogged this on Jane Risdon and commented:
    Wow, look at this. Take a good look and then buy her books. Margot Kinberg is a fab writer with a difference. If you love crime with a clever plot and gripping characters look no further. Peep at her Amazon page for her books. then buy!

  2. Fab seeing you here, congrats. I have told everyone to buy your books. The punishment is not worth the risk. Congrats and wishing you much success for 2020 and beyond.Tweeted and rblogged. xx

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