A Crime in My Stockings #9: Noelle Holten

deadinsideNoelle is well known to many crime writers for her tireless work promoting their books and she’s recently had her own first crime novel, Dead Inside, published. With so many books to choose from, which one would she have in her stocking on Christmas morning? Here’s what she says:

“I am in quite a fortunate position where I am often sent books or if I want I book, I can buy it – but if I had to choose a book to wake up to on Christmas morning? It would have to be Steph Broadribb’s DEEP DARK NIGHT. Published by Orenda, this is the latest in the Lori Anderson series and out in ebook on January 5th. I love this series – Lori Anderson is one #kickass female protagonist and each story gets better as the series progresses.”

2 thoughts on “A Crime in My Stockings #9: Noelle Holten

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, I do like me a strong female protagonist, Tess. So many great books to explore in this feature – I hope you’ll do it again next year.

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