More dumb criminals…

1500…in Southampton, this time. This one involves a chap who was waving a sawn-off shotgun around in an underpass in the city, then dropped the gun, and a mobile phone, and took off his trainers and left those behind as well. When the police found him soon afterwards, wandering about with no shoes on, it didn’t take them long to add two and two and arrest him for firearms offences.

You can read about the story on the BBC website here. But the one thing it doesn’t explain is why he took off his trainers in the first place. Story writers, this is your starter for ten…

2 thoughts on “More dumb criminals…

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, that is good story fodder! And, yeah, definitely one for the ‘dumb criminals’ archive! Yikes! Hmm….It’s is especially weird he took the trainers off in the winter. Lots to ponder here…

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