Even more dumb criminals

A short piece from the BBC live news feed for Cumbria yesterday, which I’ll reproduce in full as it’s hard to link to.

“A burglar caught breaking into a caravan parked outside its owner’s home was apprehended after he became entangled in brambles as he tried to escape, Carlisle Crown Court heard.

Steven Jordan, 43, of Borland Avenue in Carlisle, admitted burglary and was said to have a lengthy record.

Jeff Smith, mitigating, said Jordan had not set out to offend, but had been escaping an attack by people trying to recover a drugs debt when he broke into the caravan outside a house in Aglionby.

Judge Nicholas Barker jailed him for 14 months.”

I guess my only comment is, if you’re going to do a runner, maybe watch out for those prickly bramble bushes!

4 thoughts on “Even more dumb criminals

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    OK, that wasn’t the most brilliant of places to run off to, was it? In an odd way, though, I almost want to feel sorry for the poor sod.

  2. This could go viral… Shared (by copy-pasting) with husband who is currently battling with brambles on our Portuguese land. Never thought of them as a burglar deterrent!!

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