Giri/Haji review


We’ve been watching this series on catch-up for the last few weeks, and finally finished it the other day. And I loved it so much I just had to sit down and dash off a review to tell everyone how good it was, and why.

I’m delighted to say that review has now been posted over at Punk Noir magazine so you can see for yourself what I loved about the series.

The only niggle I forgot to mention in my post was an occasional tendency for the characters to be too trusting of each other. There were a couple of examples of near-strangers telling each other their entire life histories, and one of a criminal wildly incriminating himself to a foreign police officer, neither of which I could see happening in real life.

But apart from that (and the ballet, you’ll have to read the blog post to find out about that!) the series was an absolute gem, and I hope my review helps other people track it down and enjoy it too.

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