Calling all Line of Duty fans

lineofdutyGreat news for fans of Line of Duty, the long-running BBC drama about the police anti-corruption unit AC-12: season 6 has been commissioned and is in the very early stages of production, as confirmed by this article in the Radio Times online.

Since they haven’t even started filming yet there’s no word on when it will be shown but it could be later this year, or early 2021 at the latest.

Every series so far has come with a massive kick in the pants, so I can’t wait to find out whether H has really been caught and whether DCI Hastings is truly innocent, or the best actor this side of the Oscars. How about you?

2 thoughts on “Calling all Line of Duty fans

  1. We adore Line of Duty and can’t wait!! We recently fell in love with Happy Valley (recommended to e.g. Line of Duty fans) and I gather there’s a third season of that planned – though with most of their location shots flooded I wonder when it will be filmed!

    • Hmm yes those floods have really buggered things up, haven’t they? I tried the first series of Happy Valley but couldn’t get past the lengthy sections where young female victims were suffering. I know it happens, just don’t want to watch it! But if the plots change perhaps I should give it another go.

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