A Crime in My Stockings #10: Aidan Thorn

rivalsonsAnd last but very much not least in my little Christmas feature, here’s Aidan Thorn on the book he’d like in his stocking. Aidan is a firm fixture on the Brit-Grit scene and like me he cut his noir-writing teeth at Byker Books. His novel ‘Rival Sons‘, about the ripples that spread when a man returns home, is available now.

“Just one book for Christmas? That’s not a Christmas I recognise, there are so many I want this year. It’s been a great 12 months from the small press publishers again and so my list includes a good number of books this year. But, if I was to ask for just one it would have to be Matt Phillips’ ‘You Must Have a Death Wish‘ from the incredible Fahrenheit 13. Matt Phillips is my favourite writer; his ‘Know me from Smoke’ is my favourite book, everything Matt writes is brilliant, and the release of his latest book has me very excited.”

And that’s it from my little Christmas feature this year. Thanks so much to all the authors who took the time out from busy schedules to help make it such fun. I’ll be back in the new year but until then I hope everyone has a fantastic break and finds lots of new crime books to enjoy!

Rogue with Aidan Thorn

roguecoverI was all set to do a reminder post about the rapidly approaching release of the Rogue anthology… and then I found Aidan Thorn had beaten me to it.  Since both he and I are going to be included, and since he’s put it all ever so much better than I ever could, I’ll simply pass on the link to his blog along with a couple of brief mutters.

One, I’m bowled over by his amazingly kind comments about my writing.  And two, the book’s out on 2nd April.  Not that I’m hinting or anything.

Oh yes.  The link.  Try clicking this and see what happens. I promise it won’t actually blow up in your face.