New review

Raise the Blade FrontIt’s always nice to get good reviews of your work, and I’m delighted to have a new one on ‘Raise the Blade’ which describes it as a ‘chilling and memorable book’ and gives it five stars.

To see the whole review, pop over to Amazon.  There are even a few puns I wish I’d thought of!


Forgive the delay…

roguecoverThe anthology ‘Rogue’, from Near to the Knuckle, was on track for release today, complete with my short story ‘Singing From the Same Sheet’, and a whole heap of other stories from some fantastic writers.

Sadly, Amazon are currently Experiencing Technical Issues, which is delaying what’s usually a 12-hour process by as much as a week.  Lots of other people with books due out are affected, and apparently there’s no way of telling whether Rogue will be available today, tomorrow, or a month on Sunday.

It’s very frustrating, particularly for the editors who have put in a huge amount of work getting the anthology ready and publicising the release.  But I promise that the minute Amazon pull out their collective fingers and the book’s available, you’ll be the first to know…