Shrimp Floyd

P1000299Other Half and I recently spotted this great Weird Fish T-shirt in a local department store and just had to have it. Other Half beat me to it by ordering one in his size, which is about 67 times too big for me. Sadly, that was the smallest size available, so I shall either have to steal his and look like a tent with feet, or go without. But what fun!

For those of you who can’t read the small print in the picture, the T-shirt is titled Shrimp Floyd Classics, with four fishy pictures roughly approximating Pink Floyd album covers. Clockwise from top left we have Shark Side of the Moon, The Difishin’ Bell (groan), Fish You Were Here, and Clamimals. Hats off to the Weird Fish pun department, which is obviously alive and very well.

We love some of the details in the cartoons. The clam seen floating over Battersea power station, for instance, has a puncture which has been partly mended with sticking plaster. Not quite like the original inflatable pig, which broke free, floated into Heathrow airspace, eluded every attempt to shoot it down, and eventually came to earth in a field of cows somewhere well outside London… but then I guess those details are heavily copyrighted by the band!

I do wonder, too, if the header is a wry reference to the fact that a newly-discovered shrimp species was recently called after Pink Floyd, mostly because, er, it’s pink. I blogged about this colourful critter last year so you can see I’m not pulling any legs, not even of the crustacean variety.

Now I’m off to scour the Weird Fish website to see if they’ve got any more sensible sizes in stock. It’s a very funny place, so I may be some time…