Lunch in the fast lane

This snippet of news about two speeding van drivers passing a drink across, mid-carriageway, on the motorway, caught my eye… and made me blink.  It’s not exactly ‘dumbest criminals’ territory, but it is pretty dangerous, and pretty conspicuous.  Not the sort of thing witnesses are going to forget in a hurry once they’ve seen it.  All I can say is, one of those drivers must have been awfully thirsty!

Must admit it’s putting ideas in my head for crime stories, though.  Imagine if it wasn’t a drink at all, but smuggled goods…  Although thinking you can get away with such a public ‘drop’ in broad daylight with dashboard cameras everywhere might just qualify for ‘dumb criminal’ status after all.

Good stories, good cause

Want an anthology stuffed with crime stories, and to know you’re helping a good cause while you’re at it? Then look no further than In a Word: Murder, a collection of crime stories set in the world of writing, editing, reviewing and blogging.

In a Word: Murder

Although I’m not in this collection, I can think of a few murder plots inspired by bad reviews and the like. I’m sure my fellow crime writers had ample source material to come up with some entertaining stories.

The book is available from Amazon right now, and all proceeds will go to the Princess Alice Hospice. Further details from the writer who organised the anthology, Margot Kinberg.