Review of 2015

Thanks to the small matter of a flooded pantry (storm Desmond at work, no less), I completely forgot to mention that Vic Watson has been kind enough to publish my guest post reviewing the year over at Elementary V Watson.

Wanna know what my favourite moment of the year was?  Or which books I read?  Or what my favourite song was (I cheated on that one)?  Then head over to Vic’s blog where you can read it all (and possibly weep).

As for me, I’ll keep mopping.

(Seriously, no real damage, just some damp plaster.  It could have been much, much worse.)


exiles-cover-preview-2To celebrate the forthcoming release of the Exiles anthology from Blackwitch Press, the various authors involved are going to be guest-posting about the inspiration behind their stories, and/or what being an outsider might mean for them.  You can find the first, by Ben Sobieck about his story ‘Missing an Ear’, over at Paul Brazill’s blog.  And a fascinating insight it is too.

My own offering will be along in due course…