Who’s in drag…

Or at least, who will be appearing in the Drag Noir anthology from Fox Spirit, which is due out in July this year. The collection apparently includes “surprises and delights as well as that elusive noir spirit” and involves work by authors from around the world. I’m delighted to be in such good company, and second on the list to boot! You can find a full list of contributors over at the Fox Spirit blog; more details coming soon.

Rabbitting on

Well, that was unexpected – I’ve won a book.

A copy of Kate Laity’s new crime novel ‘White Rabbit’, to be precise, which I won by telling the best (hmm, probably more like worst) rabbit joke on the contest she ran on her webpage.

The book sounds fascinating and I’m really looking forward to getting my sticky paws on it and having a good wallow.

I rarely win anything in contests, but perhaps I should enter a few more from now on. Especially if they’re about rabbits.

Oh, and that joke? Well, here it is, and I make no apologies for its awfulness:

Why did the rabbit cross the road? To get to the other side.
Why did the pervert cross the road? He was stuck in the back of the rabbit.

Drag noir

Fellow author Kate Laity has just posted this call for submissions on the theme of drag noir. It’s such an original combination that I’m tempted to have a go, particularly after watching an episode of QI, the quiz show hosted by Stephen Fry, the other night. One of the snippets he let slip about stealing cars, of all things, would be the perfect subject-matter for a black-as-night story.

Of course, first I have to write the thing, and that ain’t easy at this time of year, what with Christmas cards, Christmas shopping, Christmas gift wrapping, Christmas trees to put up and decorate, and Christmas just about everything else. Maybe in the new year, when the glitter dust and pine needles have settled, I can give it a go. Hope so. I’d love to support the cause.