Wish You Weren’t Here…

wish_hereNo, this isn’t me talking to the relatives at Christmas, it’s the title of the second anthology of crime stories from attendees of the annual Crime & Publishment writing course, which launched a few weeks ago but which I’ve been too busy to mention.

Bad me, because it’s a great little collection with a crime/holiday theme (hence that title, obviously), and it’s stuffed with stories by a wide range of authors, some published (Graham Smith, Les Morris, Angela King) and some getting their first taste of publication.

My own contribution to the collection is a dark little tale called ‘Last Chance Saloon’, involving a dirty weekend, a dodgy car and a remote country road. What could possibly go wrong?! The story was first published in Betty Fedora, which specialises in kick-ass women’s fiction, so you can tell it’s going to be a wild ride for the men.

Better still, a percentage of the price of each book will be donated to the excellent charity Break the Silence, which works with victims of rape and sexual abuse. So if the rellies really are getting you down at Christmas, then don’t pick up the knife you carved the turkey with – just grab a copy of the book and escape into the pages instead.

Betty Fedora updates

In case anyone has been trying to get hold of the first couple of issues of Betty Fedora (including my stories ‘Going Off the Deep End’ and ‘Last Chance Saloon’), I’ve just discovered that both issues have now sold out and aren’t available.

This is great news for the magazine, of course.  And the even better news is that if you missed it, you may be able to catch ‘Last Chance Saloon’ in another publication fairly soon.

I’ll post more details as soon as I have them, so do pop back to check the news.  And in the meantime, why not catch Betty Fedora #3, which is still available?  There’s no Tess, but there are some great stories about kick-ass women!

First chance for Last Chance

bettyfedora2Last Chance Saloon, that is, which is available right now in Betty Fedora #2 and features (as all their stories do) at least one suitably “kickass” woman character!

A dirty weekend, a clapped-out car, a deserted country road…  What can possibly go wrong?  Quite a bit as it turns out, for one character at least, in this dark little tale of revenge set in the wilds of the Cumbrian countryside.  Before the floods.  Sigh.

You can get your hands on the magazine at Amazon, in either print or digital format.  And while you’re at it, why not check out issue #1, which is completely free during the launch of the second edition.  Gotta love those kickass women!

Watch this space…

…for a second helping of kick-ass women!  In other words, the second issue of Betty Fedora is due out soon, and includes my own short story ‘Last Chance Saloon’, set appropriately enough in the wild moorland of the Far North of England.

A dirty weekend, a clapped-out car, a deserted country road.  What can possibly go wrong?  Quite a bit for one particular character as it turns out, but you’ll have to read the story to find out which one, and why.

Hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait.

Wheely good news

Good news seems to be like buses at the moment – nothing for ages then three come along at once.  Today’s nugget is that Betty Fedora, the magazine for kick-ass women’s fiction which published ‘Going Off The Deep End’ in their first issue, have accepted another of my tales for the follow-up.

‘Last Chance Saloon’ is a dark revenge story featuring (of course!) those kick-ass women protagonists as well as an unhealthy twist.  A dirty weekend, a clapped-out car, a deserted country road: what can possibly go wrong?  Well, quite a bit as it turns out, especially for one half of the couple involved.  But which half?  You’ll have to read the story to find out!

The book’s due this autumn (fall). As ever I’ll post more details when I have them but in the meantime I’m delighted that Betty Fedora continue to support my work.