Arse or elbow?

I hesitate to suggest that the good people of New York don’t know one from t’other, but they do seem to have let an incredible opportunity slip.

The other day, as part of street artist Banksy’s month-long residency in the city, prints of his artwork were being sold from a stall in Central Park – for only $60 each. This is amazing value. Not only are Banksy artworks as rare as hen’s teeth, but when they do appear they’re worth several thousand pounds each, and have been known to sell at auction for up to £20,000. So to own one at all, let alone for such a low price, is… well, unheard of.

And clearly the New Yorkers didn’t hear, because only eight prints sold all day, before the stall-holder shut up shop and went home.

All I can say is, some of the folks who missed out must be kicking themselves long and hard. And please Mr Banksy, sir, can you sell your work for the equivalent of $60 in the far north of England, please? Soon? I bet you sell more than eight. And I’ll be the first in line.

My kind of art

I just love the sheer affrontery and tongue-in-cheek wickedness of this, the latest street art from Banksy, who’s currently completing a short ‘residency’ in New York:


It’s the sort of thing you either get or you don’t, you either love or hate. Me, I love it. Love the grit, love the feeling of ‘cocking a snook’ at authority, love the simple cleverness of it all.

Apparently the artwork has already been painted over, which is a crime in itself. Perhaps the authorities in New York need a sense-of-humour transplant… Or a short sharp lesson in how valuable Banksy’s work can be.