A Crime in my Stockings #1: Nick Kolakowski

Drum roll please… because as promised, it’s time for my Christmas season of book recommendations to begin. A week or so ago I asked a whole bunch of fellow authors one simple question: if you could have just ONE crime book in your Christmas stocking this year, what would it be, and why? And a bunch of fellow authors have come up with some fascinating replies.

doomsdayFirst on the list is Nick Kolakowski. Nick’s own book ‘Maxine Unleashes Doomsday‘ is currently available from Down & Out Books (and was reviewed by me on Goodreads a few weeks ago).

“What book would I want in my Christmas stocking? That’s the very definition of a difficult question, but looking at my current bookshelf gives me an answer. I have a very old copy of Hammett’s “Red Harvest” on my shelf, and it’s truly undergone the ravages of multiple re-reads: dogeared pages, a softened spine, and a cover that’s seen better days (it’s the Black Lizard edition). In a magical world, I’d find a first edition copy, pristine, with Hammett’s signature scrawled on the inside. That’d be one heck of a gift.”

Noir on the Radio

mikrofonSaturday was quite a ground-breaking day for me, as I recorded my first ever full-length podcast interview for Noir on the Radio. I was pretty nervous about the process and it could have been daunting, but luckily my host, fellow noir author Nick Kolakowski, held my hand (figuratively speaking since he was about 4,000 miles away at the time) and provided tremendous support.

He gave up a chunk of his Saturday morning, phoned me all the way from New York, and asked a heap of challenging but really thought-provoking questions which got us chatting about not just my book ‘Gravy Train’ (the main reason for the podcast) but also whether we write by the seat of our pants, what influences our work, and why the movie Hot Fuzz is so much fun.

You can now hear the results over on Authors on the Air, on Soundcloud. I may be biased but I do think it’s quite interesting… so feel free to head over there and have a listen. And while you’re there, check out the complete list of Nick’s previous victims, oops I mean participants. They’re all fantastic crime or noir writers with a great grasp of their craft, and they all seem to have much more meaningful things to say than I ever could!