A Crime in My Stockings #7: Matt Phillips

deathwishNext to the (Christmas) party is noir writer Matt Phillips, whose latest book You Must Have a Death Wish, about a hustler-turned-hitman (and with an eye-catchingly macabre cover), is published by crime specialists Fahrenheit 13.  Here’s Matt’s own choice of Christmas pressie:

“Well, this is a hell of a question. Here’s my answer: Earlier this year I read a brilliant short novel called Man Standing Behind. It’s written by a guy named Pablo D’Stair and published by All Due Respect Books. I gotta say––this is the best book I’ve read all year. And it just so happens that the genius publisher at ADR––writer/editor Chris Rhatigan––acquired five more books from D’Stair, and they’re coming out next year. So, if I could have one book in my Christmas stocking, it’d be the first book in the Trevor English series by Pablo D’Stair, This Letter from Norman Court.

Are you listening, Santa? I hope so…”