Pre-order Gravy Train

pre_order_poster_plainExciting news this week – my debut crime novel ‘Gravy Train’ is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Wanna find out why seven different people are chasing a bag of money round the back streets of Birmingham? Wanna know how far they’d go for £80,000? Then shunt your engine over to Amazon and stake your claim – before this particular gravy train runs off the rails!

You can find the book on both Amazon UK and Amazon US. Why not make one of them your “next station stop”?

Exciting times

If there’s a sudden pause in this blog post don’t worry, it’s just me conking out because I’ve stopped breathing.  Today has been so exciting I’m not sure I can cope!

First of all, my author copies of ‘Raise the Blade’ arrived in the post.  They look terrific and I’m absolutely delighted with the cover, the overall look and the sheer professionalism of the product.  So much so I laid some of them out on my desk and took a photo:


Then, just when I thought I was starting to get over that, I discovered that the Kindle version is now available for pre-order on Amazon – for only £1.99.  More excitement!  Now I’m dashing around trying to update all my social media, websites, blogs and what have you at the same time, and rapidly running out of fingers.

If you’d like to add your name to the pre-order list you can find further details here – and thank you very much!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.