Review of 2016

Dashing in, between coughing fits, to say that my review of the year is live over at Vic Watson’s excellent Elementary V Watson blog today.  She asks the questions, I answer, on a whole range of highs, lows and favourites from the year.  Book, film, song, moment… you name it, it’s on there.  More or less.

So, to find out what my choices were, and why they feature cupcakes, head over to Elementary V Watson right now.

Vic will be featuring a new author every day this month so make sure you keep checking back!

Dead Man jumping up and down

exiles-cover-small-2There’s a terrific new review of Exiles: An Outsider Anthology over at Crimepieces, Sarah Ward’s blog of crime writing, reading and review.  I’m absolutely delighted to see that my story ‘Dead Man Walking’ gets a specific mention, alongside stories by Paul D Brazill, Kate Laity, and Nick Sweeney, whose ‘Place of the Dead’ was one of my own favourites.

Exiles review

exiles-cover-small-2I finally finished reading my paperback copy of Exiles: An Outsider Anthology the other day, and have reviewed it on Goodreads.  Although I have a story in this one, it didn’t stop me being objective about the rest of the contents: it’s a very enjoyable, varied and thought-provoking collection.  You can read my full review at Goodreads.  I hope it will inspire a few more people to cough up for the book and contribute to a very good cause in the process!

Exiles reviewed

The Exiles charity anthology has had what I believe is its first review, which you can find over at Tony’s Thoughts. And very nice it is too, both in stressing the charity angle and in the comments about the overall content.

Those quirky bit-part characters hovering on the outside that we barely notice, those are the characters these stories are about.”

Here’s hoping Tony won’t be the first reader to enjoy the collection.