Won’t somebody think of the… tyres

I came across this news snippet earlier, about armed robbers escaping from a jewellery store heist on a moped, and had to suppress a giggle. Yes, it’s awful, and must have been terrifying for the staff.

But it does bring up all sorts of evil questions, like:

  • how many robbers can you get on the back of a moped?
  • how come the tyres didn’t explode? and
  • why does it remind me so much of the wonderful sheep motorbike display team in A Close Shave?



Woolly mayhem

Here’s another daft little sheep story, this time from the Westmorland Gazette: an air ambulance pilot who put his helicopter down on pasture land near Kirkstone Pass, only to be surrounded by a whole flock of the woolly blighters.

The article says he employed “down to earth shepherding skills” to shoo them away; but I have visions of him having to fight them off with a bargepole in order to get to the injured person he was there to treat.

Sheep can of course be terminally curious – I’ve often seen them standing in the middle of a lane in order to watch a car – but normally I’d have expected them to be terrified of the noise of the chopper blades. I’d love to know what caused them to run towards this particular helicopter rather than away from it. Perhaps the pilot disguised himself as a hay bale?

Sheepy fun

It seems I wasn’t alone in finding the story about the sheep identity parade amusing.

Colin Shelbourn, resident cartoonist at award-winning local newspaper The Westmorland Gazette, was tickled enough to produce a cartoon on the subject, which made the paper’s front page.

You can see the result on his webpage. There don’t appear to be any links to individual cartoons, so currently it’s the second one down, dated 14 November 2013. It’s great fun, if a little baa-rmy.