I realised to my shame that it’s been ages since I last updated the other pages on this site and they were horribly out of date.

I’ve just been in with my tool kit and done some trimming, pruning and replanting, to the point where they now make sense and include details of all my current works in print, as well as who on earth I am (always a moot question).

I hope you’ll find the new information useful.  You can find it by following the links (Tess who, Finding Tess, and Tess in print) in the nav bar on the left hand side of this page.


Updates for 2015

Just a quick heads-up to say that I’ve finally got round to updating the ‘in the works’ page with details of the stories I’ve had accepted and which will be appearing (God, editors and real life willing!) in various anthologies and magazines during 2015.

Head to In the Works via the menu link at the top of the page to see more.