My writing year…

Every December the wonderful Vic Watson takes time out of her busy schedule to post a load of reviews for writers on their memories of the year. Last year I did my own home-grown version but this time, thanks to a late flurry of publications (not least my first novel ‘Gravy Train’) it was worth taking advantage of her kindness.

You can read the result over at Elementary V Watson, where I chat about highlights of the year (take a wild guess…), favourite books and movies, hopes for the year to come and various other odds and sods besides.

And do take the time to have a poke around because lots more writers besides me have done reviews of their own, and it’s always fascinating to see what motivates everyone else.


Review of 2016

Dashing in, between coughing fits, to say that my review of the year is live over at Vic Watson’s excellent Elementary V Watson blog today.  She asks the questions, I answer, on a whole range of highs, lows and favourites from the year.  Book, film, song, moment… you name it, it’s on there.  More or less.

So, to find out what my choices were, and why they feature cupcakes, head over to Elementary V Watson right now.

Vic will be featuring a new author every day this month so make sure you keep checking back!

What we missed…

For anyone else who couldn’t get to Noir at the Bar: NE in Newcastle on Wednesday, you can now read a full review of the event over at Vic Watson’s blog.  Vic is the tireless organiser/supporter and general hand-holder of the event, so who better to report on the triumphs of the evening.  It sounds as though it was entertaining, fun, and thoroughly evil.  Which is just what you need for a noir event.

And there are pictures.  Lots and lots of pictures, of all the authors taking part, and of venue the Town Wall bar, which looks very smart.

I’m still very disappointed to have missed the whole thing, but have been reliably informed that I’m welcome to take part in the next one.  I just have to refrain from hurling myself at the furniture in the meantime!

Nervously noir

Thursday night sees the inaugural Noir at the Bar Carlisle event with at least seven local crime authors reading from their work, plus surprise appearances, plus free books on the night.  And I’ve been invited to take part.

It’s a fantastic opportunity (thanks to the three hosts Graham Smith, Mike Craven and Matt Hilton for including me) and one I wouldn’t dream of turning down.  However, I am nervous.  Shaking in my shoes, in fact.  So how am I going to cope?

Well, you can pop along to Vic Watson’s excellent blog, where I’ve done a guest post on exactly this subject.  It may not be terribly original, but it does sum up how I’m feeling about the whole thing – and includes one or two tips on how others might cope in a similar situation.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you get the chance, do zoom over to the Moo Bar in Carlisle tomorrow night from 7pm to join in the fun.  As I say in the blog post, it’s going to be quite a night!

Review of 2015

Thanks to the small matter of a flooded pantry (storm Desmond at work, no less), I completely forgot to mention that Vic Watson has been kind enough to publish my guest post reviewing the year over at Elementary V Watson.

Wanna know what my favourite moment of the year was?  Or which books I read?  Or what my favourite song was (I cheated on that one)?  Then head over to Vic’s blog where you can read it all (and possibly weep).

As for me, I’ll keep mopping.

(Seriously, no real damage, just some damp plaster.  It could have been much, much worse.)