Scary stuff!

And it isn’t even Halloween yet…

However, I’m delighted to share the brand new book trailer/video for ‘Raise the Blade’, courtesy of Darren Laws at Caffeine Nights Publishing.

It’s a creepy little offering which perfectly captures the dark, claustrophobic atmosphere of the book.  It gave me a shiver or two whilst watching it – and I knew roughly what to expect!  Even the music is suitably scary.

Pop along to either Animoto or my very first YouTube video to see the clip for yourself.  Happy viewing, preferably from behind a cushion or underneath the sofa.

Meet the authors

Here’s a new little video from Awesome Indies, who represent authors with self-published (but excellent) books.  This is very much a ‘get to know them’ introduction to a handful of their authors, and it includes my friend, the Scottish crime author Bill Kirton.

Apparently the authors concerned were asked a series of questions and filmed themselves answering, and Awesome Indies then stitched together a selection of replies to make the video.  Hats off to the contributing authors for sheer bravery; it’s bad enough talking about one’s work without worrying about whether or not you mumble or are cutting off the top of your own head.  In filmic terms, that is.

Anyway, the video is jolly entertaining so why not pop along and watch it?