Shiny new website


Dashing in to let everyone know that I’ve just updated my website with a new design which will hopefully be clearer and easier to use.

I’ve also fixed a few broken links, taken down details of one short story that had mysteriously disappeared, and added another that I’d somehow forgotten to list. I seem to have more short stories available to read than I’d ever realised!

Do pop along and have a look:

The artwork is, of course, still the same image I had on the old site. It’s a picture (taken by Harrison Cantel) of some amazing street art on one of Birmingham’s many canals. I liked it because it reminded me of a Pink Floyd album cover!



Up and running

cropDesktopNexus2Rather to my amazement the new website uploaded like a dream, apart from one image that needed renaming and a few typos.  This was far more by luck than judgement and I still can’t claim to understand most of what I’ve done, but I’m very relieved.  Even better, the site seems to work just fine on a phone screen.  Phew!

I’m taking a few days off before I try any upgrading or tinkering, but for now you can find all the main information on me, my books and my stories at  I hope you like it!

New website?

image_73I realised last week that my concerns about my website have come true.  Either the elderly html coding and/or my ancient html editor are no longer up to scratch and text and pictures aren’t showing up correctly on a mobile (cell) phone.  The site looks fine on a pc or even a tablet, but switch to a phone and the text and pictures have re-sized, apparently at random, so the whole thing looks a complete mess and is quite hard to read.

I tried a couple of quick fixes (simplifying the layout, reducing the number of columns) but nothing worked and I realised that scraping by with Frontpage Express is no longer an option.  So I set to work, installed a more up-to-date editor and began to teach myself Html5 (and by default, CSS).  In a hurry, because the longer my current site is unusable, the more readers I’m likely to annoy.

Luckily I have a reasonable, basic knowledge of html coding but even so it’s been a steep learning curve trying to figure out how to do the simplest things, what the new commands achieve, how to stop the entire site turning purple, and how to rescue it when it does.  Thanks to a couple of stars on the internet (theSiteWizard and HTML5Up! ) I found a simple template, crawled through the instructions on how to customise it, and three days later I have a reasonable, working, and hopefully fully responsive new website.  It’s not as pretty as the old one but it should do for now while I slog through and learn how to re-create what I originally had.

Now comes the interesting part – trying to upload everything in the right order, without losing any folders, images, assets, stylesheets or God knows what else, so that the whole thing still works online the way it did on my pc.  Fun fun fun. #notreally.  And in order to avoid a clash between the old site and the new, I’m going to have to delete the old one first.  So if you’re looking for my usual site ( and can’t find it, this will be why.  Don’t worry – like Arnie, it will be back.  I’m just not so sure about me, as I slide, feet first, ever deeper into a heap of broken html code.