Tess in print


Crime pays. So barmaid Sandra thinks when she overhears details of a betting scam and wins herself and fat husband Mike eighty thousand pounds. But they’ve reckoned without mugger Lenny, lying in wait outside the betting shop door. And he’s reckoned without a top-notch car thief, his own devious boss, a fellow gang-member with a grudge, and Sandra’s unpleasant almost-Uncle George.

Chaos ensues as a whole bunch of disparate—and desperate—characters chase the bag of money around Birmingham’s back streets. Plenty of them help themselves to the cash, but none of them are good at hanging onto it. As they hurtle towards a frantic showdown on the banks of the local canal, will any of them see their ill-gotten gains again? Or will their precious gravy train come shuddering to a halt?

Published by All Due Respect; available from Amazon as Kindle or paperback.

Tess also has stories in the following anthologies (click on the covers for details of where to buy these):

darkminds 5138DIydzwL exiles-new-cover lastwordcover roguecover 100Drag Noir shp-bbv3-locked-loaded-front-cover-c2 bettyfedora2 bettyfedora1 81Wordscover crimesyndcover

And in various magazines (these are all free):

Badge of Honour (Pulp Metal Magazine)

Biter Bit (Out of the Gutter Online)

Buried Treasure (81Words.net)

Clickbait (Out of the Gutter Online)

The Drop (Out of the Gutter Online)

Enjoy the Trip (Shotgun Honey)

The Floor’s the Limit (Out of the Gutter Online)

Pandora’s Box (81Words.net)

The Red Umbrella (Spelk)

Scorpio (Thrills Kills ‘n’ Chaos)

Trick of the Trade (Spelk Fiction)

Troubled Waters (Pulp Metal Magazine)

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