Tess in print

Raise the Blade Front

Like a spider wrapping flies…

When psychopath Duncan leaves a trail of duct-tape-wrapped bodies scattered across the suburbs of Birmingham, there’s nothing to link the victims except his own name and address, carefully placed on each new corpse.

Six very different people follow his clues, each convinced they can use Duncan to further their own selfish or naive ends. Is there a reason Duncan’s driven to target these particular individuals, or does their very nature contribute to their fate? Will any of them be strong enough to break the cycle and avoid a painful death? Or will Duncan reel them in and rearrange them to his own insane ideal?”
Published by Caffeine Nights; available from Amazon as Kindle or paperback.

Tess also has stories in the following anthologies (click on the covers for details of where to buy these):

darkminds 5138DIydzwL exiles-new-cover lastwordcover roguecover 100Drag Noir shp-bbv3-locked-loaded-front-cover-c2 bettyfedora2 bettyfedora1 81Wordscover crimesyndcover

And in various magazines (these are all free):

Badge of Honour (Pulp Metal Magazine)

Biter Bit (Out of the Gutter Online)

Buried Treasure (81Words.net)

Clickbait (Out of the Gutter Online)

The Drop (Out of the Gutter Online)

Enjoy the Trip (Shotgun Honey)

The Floor’s the Limit (Out of the Gutter Online)

Pandora’s Box (81Words.net)

The Red Umbrella (Spelk)

Scorpio (Thrills Kills ‘n’ Chaos)

Trick of the Trade (Spelk Fiction)

Troubled Waters (Pulp Metal Magazine)

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