Banksy or not Banksy? You decide!


banksyhairWe saw these two pieces of street art in the bustling Devon fishing port of Brixham recently and couldn’t tell if they’re by Banksy or not.

Although they have his trademark stencilled style and slightly bizarre sense of humour, they’re not signed – and a quick search online shows that nobody else seems to know for sure whether they’re genuine, either.

Either way, they’re great fun. The second one shows a barber cutting Chewbacca’s hair; I didn’t notice if it was on the wall of a hairdresser’s or not but that would explain a lot. And the top one? Well, it’s priceless: an urban commando all set to chuck a large fish into the fray, with the caption ‘let them eat fish’. And it’s on the side wall of the fish market, right next to the trade counter/window.

The town isn’t a million miles from Banksy’s home stamping ground of Bristol and there have been previous artworks attributed to him popping up in the back streets – including a version of the famous image of a small girl holding a red balloon. So it’s possible that these really are by the great man himself. I hope so. We certainly enjoyed spotting them, in what felt like a rather unlikely location.


2 thoughts on “Banksy or not Banksy? You decide!

  1. Margot Kinberg says:

    Oh, those are fun! I won’t even attempt to decide whether they’re Banksy or not, but whether or not they are, they’re terrific.

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